We will be offering the following Contests at the Bayview Junction 2020 Convention (click on name for quick access):

Note: The NFR Prototype and Freelance Appearance Contest is not being offered at the Bayview Junction 2020 Convention and is essentially replaced by (2) and (3) above.

Our intention is to make the Bayview Junction 2020 Convention contests as interesting and rewarding as possible for all.  We sincerely hope you will please consider participating! 

Judged Model Contest

This is the traditional NFR Judged Model Contest. Models will be evaluated by a panel of judges using the NMRA National AP judging guidelines. Models scoring at least 87.5 points out of 125 (score of 70 % or greater) will receive a Merit Award certificate. Judged Rules follow:

Following is the “Model Contest Judging Form”

Popular Choice Contest

Modellers not wishing to enter the Judged Model Contest may still bring models to display in the Popular Choice Display Area. All convention delegates will receive a ballot and may vote for their favourite model anywhere in the contest room, including models entered in the Judged Model Contest. Rules and the entry form for the Popular Choice Display follow:

Bayview Junction 2020 Interlocking Tower Contest

As a special event for the Bayview Junction 2020 convention, models of any interlocking tower entered in either the Judged Contest, or brought for display in the Popular Choice Display Area, will automatically be entered in this special convention contest. All convention delegates may vote for their favourite interlocking tower anywhere in the contest room.

Interlocking tower entries from a previous Judged Model Contest may also be welcome in the Popular Choice Display Area (see rules below) and will be eligible for this special convention contest balloting. No additional entry form is required for the Interlocking Tower Contest, beyond either the Judged or Popular Choice Display entry forms.

A very nice drawing of the CNR Bayview Junction Tower, prepared by Al Welch and published in the NFR Flimsy September 2019 edition, and also appended below, is available for those wishing to try their hand at building it.

To print this drawing, it is important to recall that many printers and copiers have a calibration adjustment and may in fact not print the image at its actual size.  This is true even if the file is opened with software such as Adobe Reader and printing at 100% of actual size is selected.  To check your printer, Al has provided dimensions on his HO scale drawing in prototype inches.  These dimensions should be divided by the scale factor (87.1 in this case) to obtain the required actual measurement on the printed page.  For example, the West elevation is shown as 262 prototype inches wide, so 262 / 87.1 = 3 inches actual measurement.  For other scales, use the appropriate scale factor.  A professional print shop may be able to help if you are experiencing difficulty.  If all else fails and you actually intend to build this project, drop me an email containing your name and complete street mailing address and I will mail you a HO scale copy of the drawing.

Note: The NFR Prototype and Freelance Appearance Contest is not being offered at the Bayview Junction 2020 Convention and is essentially replaced by the ‘Popular Choice Contest‘ and the ‘Bayview Junction Interlocking Tower Contest‘ above.

Photo Contest

How are you at taking photographs? Do you have one or two that are especially proud of?

Many of you are excellent photographers, so we hope to see lots of entrants!  The rules for this contest have been intentionally written to offer the maximum scope for creativity.  Note that we are only accepting entries in the form of photographic prints.  We feel this is acceptable, given the widespread proliferation of personal computer scanners capable of producing high quality results and also shops offering this service, both for older film and transparency based images and totally digital images.  It is simply not practical for us to accommodate the very wide range of hardware and/or software potentially required to display images in their native analogue or digital format.

Rules and the entry form for the Photo Contest follow:

Prepared by: James Whatley Model Contest Chair Bayview Junction 2020 Convention