1) 2018 Category Awards

Best CabooseBarry Kelly – TH&B Caboose #64

Best Structure: Robert McIveen – Laxton Machine

Chairman’s Award: Boxcar #85

Best in Show Appearance: Barge #5

Best in Show Photo: John Wagner

Best in Show: Barry Kelly – TH&B Caboose


What happens to a boxcar when it quits being a boxcar?

This year the convention wanted you to open your imagination and create something unique.

It was be a popular vote challenge. There were 2 simple rules:

      1. Size matters, Diorama maximum size
        1. O scale,=20” X 12 “
        2. HO scale=10” X 6”
        3. N Scale=5” X 3”
      2. The boxcar must be recognizable. It can be all beat up weathered but must be identifiable. No furniture using boxcar boards and pieces
Pictures from the contest:


“Boxcar Burgers” – HO Scale

Other Entries:

“Chicken Coop” HO Scale by John Wagner
“Bandstand” – HO Scale by Richard Hatton
“Boxcar Band” – N Scale
“Something Wild Diner” – N Scale by Steve Wright